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» - Min 5$ (0.87%-1.00% hourly for 120 hours) RCB 80% PM,PY y ADV
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Yesterday at 6:40 pm by Admin

» - Min 1$ (1.48% Hourly For 72 Hours) RCB 50% PM,PY y ADV
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[REFBACK] - Min 10$ (1.84%/5% per day) RCB 50% PM,PY y ADV

Tue 25 Jul 2017, 7:21 pm by Admin

Start of the project: 06.03.2017


COIN VALLEY is trading on crypto-currency exchanges. We have chosen this direction for several reasons:
• Cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the financial world
• Digital currencies are the future of money
• Cryptocurrencies are more trusted than any other currencies
• There are no transaction fees
• Cryptocurrencies have a huge volatility

Given all these advantages, many people may also be surprised that there are many digital currencies that people can invest in and trade with. Let’s describe some of them in detail e.g. Ethereum is quickly becoming one of the most recognized crypto currencies. Ethereum price rises up every day. As a result, it will bring huge profit in the medium term. Let’s look at another cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a huge volatility. It allows people to make a profit from the difference in price on bitcoin exchanges.

COIN VALLEY has a huge experience in this field. We do business with the most reliable and trusted e-currency exchangers focused on trading crypto currencies.
We are way ahead of most of our competitors. That is why we launched a major expansion into this market, attracting investments and funds from outside investors.
COIN VALLEY is the best solution for your investments today!

Domain: NAMECHEAP INC., 25 jan 2017 - 25 jan 2018
Hosting: Dancom Ltd
SSL: GeoTrust EV SSL CA - G4 GeoTrust Inc., valid: 2017-06-02 - 2018-06-02
Script: H-SCRIPT - licensed
Design: no matches found

Project Marketing

The project offers a group of 23 sub-items
Each sub-tariff has its own restriction, the minimum and maximum deposits, as well as its percentage of accruals.
Charges occur daily
The deposit is included in the payments, and therefore reduces the risks.
The more your deposit, the greater the daily interest, and therefore, the less risk, because the deposit fights faster.
Deposit term of one: 120 days

Let's take a look at a few examples of deposit accounts:
Tariff 1
Minimal: $ 10
Maximum: $ 24
Accruals: 1.84% per day
The deposit is repulsed for 55 days
Total income on the deposit: 120.8% for the whole period of work

Rate 3
Minimum: $ 50
Maximum: $ 99
Accruals: 1.96% per day
The deposit is repulsed for 51 days
Total income on deposit: 135.2% for all time of work

Tariff 4
Minimum: $ 100
Maximum: $ 199
Accruals: 2.02% per day
The deposit is repulsed for 50 days
Total income on deposit: 142.4% for all time of operation

Tariff 6
Minimum: $ 500
Maximum: $ 749
Accruals: 2.14% per day
The deposit is repulsed for 47 days
Total income on deposit: 156.8% for all time of work

Rate 8
Minimum: $ 1,000
Maximum: $ 1,499
Accruals: 2.7% per day
The deposit is repulsed within 37 days
Total income on deposit: 224% for all time of work

If you are careful and has a 5-ku in mathematics, and maybe even graduated from the faculty at the university, you might notice that with each new tariff, the percentage increases by + 0.06%.
So up to the 23rd tariff, which gives 5% per day. But he has a minimum of $ 80,000, we are not the oligarchs all the same. Therefore, the project, the project is enough, the project, the opinion, maybe, the project, Coinvalley, site, filling, appropriate, tariff, will, profitability, given, depend , Technique, pathos Let's not even look at it.

Payouts: the project pays in automatic mode.
Minimum per output: 0.5 $ or 0.008 BTC
Therefore, if you accrue less than this amount, then it must be put on the output of the pens. Then the instant will come.
Payment systems: PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer, BitCoin
Referral program 6% - 2% - 0.5% of the referral deposit
6% of the referral deposit of the 1st level
2% of the referral deposit of the 2nd level
0.5% of referral deposit of 2nd level

Project overview

I'll probably start with the background.
The project appeared on the blog in ermakah Novelties of the day. I knew about the project in fact before the start and knew about the financial costs that were being incurred, about the time that was spent on creating the project. I immediately liked the project, and all the readers of the blog appreciated it. In order not to be unfounded, here is the screen of partners that even went without a review on the blog and my advice.

But you know, then go into the project, even if he liked me chicly, it was dangerous, I recall, it was the beginning of June, the time is not easy.
The admin's plan was originally a quiet and calm summer. Given marketing, there was no hurry, so I decided to take a wait and see attitude. At the same time almost every week was in touch with the administrator and mentally speaking.

As you can see, the plan for a quiet summer and the transition to the autumn is a success. The project works and pays, while quietly typed advertising. The admin has a solid advertising budget, which will be used for general advertising, going abroad only in the fall. But the fact that you will still see the project everywhere - I guarantee you.

In general, this all applies only to the admin and his plans. Let's look at the project itself.
Technology at the highest level, EV SSL GeoTrust for steeper and more expensive than the standard Comodo will, the inside, stuffing the entire site, right ear fascinates and appeases the perfectionist - the huiper.
The design is also colorful, the main page immediately attracts attention and this is important, the site must be clinging from the first seconds. Well, I basically know that the project was being worked on, so this is the tip about it, forgive me. The project must definitely enter, it will have a loud development.

Phone: +447441913025
Skype: live: coinvalleysup
Telegram Chat: @coinvalleynet
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