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Bots and Imacros Scripts -ALL FREE

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Bots and Imacros Scripts -ALL FREE

Post by Admin on Sat 22 Nov 2014, 1:55 pm

Here is the list of imacros and bots I have found on the net. I did not have a time to test these, so I don't know if they're up to date. :curt:

YouTube comment liker BOT
Linkedin messenger imacros script
Virustotal voter bot
Keyword scraper
Alibaba message bot
Craigslist US cities scraper
Amazon to Pinterest script
locatefamily scraper script
xvideos friends adder script (not included)
Google maps screenshot saver script
heart4me messanger script
flirtomatic registration script
ezpostalcodes scraper
Compete save sites data script
Badoo account creator
Backpage poster (not included)
Alexa category scraper
Addmefast twitter follower and facebook liker
Soundcloud auto liker
flickr bots bundle
Google bot fetcher script
Dailymotion mass video upload script
Yahoo account creator bot - auto create yahoo accounts
Soundcloud follow bot - auto follow (not included)
Proxy checker bot - checks proxy anonymity and availability
Youtube views bot - view youtube videos (not included)
Youtube video uploader - uploads videos to youtube
Instagram - login imacros script
Youtube movie scraper script - Scrapes links to movies on youtube
Twitpic picture uploader - Uploads pictures to twitpic
Twitpic bulk picture uploader - Uploads many pictures to twitpic
Twitpic scrape direct links to pictures - Scrape direct links to pictures
Squidoo Create lens with iMacros script - Create lens
Post Ads on postclass com with imacros script
Fiverr - one click login imacros script
Twitter - one click login imacros script
Twitpic - one click login imacros script
Aphorisme - scrape data from aphorisme ru
Gigbucks - Scrape wishes and suggestions
Google - Scrape search result links
Twitpic - Scrape your views statistics
Twitter - Follow by keyword
Hellotxt - create multiple accounts on hellotxt with imacros script
Adwords account creator script
Creates yahoo email,Twitter account and twitterfeed account and set 3 rss to post to new twitter account, also confirms twitter on yahoo
Auto Unlike Facebook likes
youlikehits - twitter followers script
Instagram - Follow random people (not included)
Twitter - Random retweet
Twitter - Promote followers
Fiverr - Post gig from file
Fiverr - promote on Facebook
Compare china web-stores
Google - click adwords ads with proxy support
Google - search and click with proxy support
Twitter - Follow other user's followers
Twitter - Unfollow your non-followers (not included)
Techyv - ask question/post question
Hotnewhiphop - download with proxy/without proxy
Tumblr - auto reblog (not included)
Facebook - create note with Amazon products
Facebook - create note with Amazon best sellers products
Facebook - create note with your products
Facebook - share photo
Amazon - product scraper
Backlink checker
YouTube keyword viewer

Download-Imacros Scripts and Bots

virus sacan

depois deixem como sempre o vosso fedback dos bots



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