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paid to login -Pago por se logar

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paid to login -Pago por se logar

Post by Admin on Sun 07 Dec 2014, 3:24 pm


basta logar todos os dias para ganhar ,super façil,
just loguin to earn,,
aproveitem e ponho o vosso site ou blog de preferençia a ser visto pelos outros membros,

paid to login


Last edited by Admin on Sat 20 Dec 2014, 11:45 am; edited 1 time in total



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Re: paid to login -Pago por se logar

Post by ripww on Mon 08 Dec 2014, 12:03 pm

Boas Admin,

Provas de pagamento há? ?

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Re: paid to login -Pago por se logar

Post by Admin on Mon 08 Dec 2014, 12:55 pm

ripww wrote:Boas Admin,

Provas de pagamento há? ?

eu ainda nao cheguei ao cashout tenho 0.007 mas mal tenha 0.01 retiro so para postar a prova de pagamento,
mas vejo bastantes provas e recentes no google deste site e ja paga aos anos,

aproveita tambem para publicitar os teus sites blogs free pois ten la para fazer isso.



Mensagens : 9885
Data de inscrição : 2013-10-04
Idade : 43
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Re: paid to login -Pago por se logar

Post by Admin on Sat 20 Dec 2014, 11:47 am

ja cheguei a ter 0.01 para poder retirar,mas acho pouco,mas era so mesmo para postar prova de pagamento deste site façil,
mas decidi reinvestir esse 0.01 que tinha e assim ganhas mais,
o meu conselho neste site façil sera,
logar todos os dias (a unica coisa que precisas de fazer)
e se quiseres reinvestes o teu $,
foi o que fiz,

Maximize Your Earnings in Paidtologin

You already know that for every login you get paid 0.001$ but there is the possibility to increase this value, in fact you can buy earning units to maximize your earnings in Paidtologin. What are earning units ? They are simply little amounts of money that, invested, generate a perpetual income. How much is an earning unit and how is invested ? An earning unit is just one cent of dollar ( 0.01$ ) and is invested in Forex that is a very profitable market working five days per week. How many earning units can be bought ? There is no limit: someone would say "sky is the limit", we instead prefer to say "your wallet is the limit". How much an earning unit will produce and can be refunded ? An earning unit will pay you 0.00001$ everyday you login and it can be refunded at any time without any loss. If you don't buy earning units you'll earn 0.03$ monthly, if you buy an earning unit then you'll earn as much as 0.0303$. If you buy 1000 earning units, that cost only 10$, then you'll earn 0.33$ per month and it's quite clear that after only three years ( 0.33$*12months*3years=12$ ) you doubled what you invested with the possibility to withdraw it at any time.

By clicking the buttons here below you will be transfered to the Perfect Money or SolidTrustPay checkout page, put in the box below the amount you want to spend in dollars ( keep in mind that every earning unit is just one cent of dollar ) and your account will be updated immediately ( IMPORTANT: please click on 'continue' on Perfect Money otherwise the earning units that you have bought will not be credited to you. Any problem ? Contact us ).

If you want to buy earning units from your balance that is 0.00$ then enter how many you want ( 0.01 each one ) otherwise if you want to convert them in money just enter a negative number ( example: you want to sell 5 earning units then you put -5 ). Just fill the form here below and press 'Sell/Buy'.
Number of earning units:

You have 1 earning units in your account.



Mensagens : 9885
Data de inscrição : 2013-10-04
Idade : 43
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